#LIKEIT #LICKIT curated by Tabita Rezaire @Social Media Week Johannesburg / Fakugesi Digital Africa Festival


#LIKEIT #LICKIT explores social media through the gaze of local and international video artists. The screening programme addresses social media both as a subject of investigation and as a tool to produce challenging digital artworks. Whether using the interface of the media, its codes or critically engaging with the platform, the artists in this programme all share a radical aesthetic reflecting on the Internet culture they live in. From screen to screen the selected works investigate our relationship with the online space, which is coded and framed by social media templates. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest, Vimeo, Vine, Soundcloud all participate in structuring our understanding of and interaction with the Internet as well as shaping our social behaviour online. Through new commission works #LIKEIT #LICKIT embrace the power of social media yet acknowledges the theoretical, cultural and political consequences of these new communication media on our collective consciousness. Whether questioning online representation, circulation of information, Internet community debates, data consumption, privacy hacking, the like industry or the power of posting, #LIKEIT #LICKIT comments on social media hegemonic culture. The economies of attention and opinion know no geographical borders; the World Wild Web is banging on the NORTH/SOUTH/EAST/WEST with only a difference of Mb/s.




Screening curated by Tabita Rezaire

Presenting the works of artists exploring the politics of social media, @Social Media Week Johannesburg, 2014




An international artist’s moving image festival promoting radical screen practices from experimental cinema, video art and new digital practices. 2014