b/ 1989, Paris

b / based in Johannesburg






Tabita Rezaire is a French - of Guyanese and Danish descent - video artist, health-tech-politix practitioner, and Kemetic/ Kundalini Yoga teacher based in Johannesburg.

Tabita’s practices unearth the possibilities of decolonial healing through the politics of technology. Navigating architectures of power

- online and offline - her work tackles the pervasive matrix of coloniality and its affects on technology, sexuality, health and spirituality.

Through screen interfaces and energy streams, her digital healing activism offers substitute readings to dominant narratives decentering occidental authority and preaches to dismantle our oppressive white-supremacist-patriarchal-cis-hetero-globalized world screen.


Tabita is a founding member of the artist group NTU, half of the duo Malaxa, and mother of the house of SENEB.

She is represented by the Goodman Gallery in Johannesburg.





TRAINING (learning)


2017/ Gong Therapy Training, training by Mehtab Benton , London, Uk

2016/ Eco Synergy Design - Introduction to Permaculture, SA

2016/ Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Level 1 RYS 200, training by Itta Roussos, SA

2016/ Kemetic and Bantu Spiritual technology, Distong Museum of Cultural History, SA

2015/ Kemetic Yoga Teacher Training RYS 500, training by Yirser Ra Hotep, SA




EDUCATION (brainwashing)


2013-2010/ Central Saint Martins College of Art, London, UK

MA Research Art: Moving Image

Foundation Diploma in Video Art


2010-2007/ University Paris Dauphine, FR and Copenhagen Business School, DK

Bachelor of Economics








Exotic Trade, Goodman Gallery, Johannesburg, SA

UBULAWU, AutoItalia, London, Uk (NTU)



Sorry For Real, MoCada, NY, US

Thus Saith The Lord, 89 + @Co-Worker, Museum of Modern Art Paris, Fr (NTU)








A better version of you, Goethe Institute in Seoul, S-Korea

Afro-Tech and the Future of Re-Invention, HMKV, Dortmund, Germany /

Whenever the Heart Skips a Beat, Mehringplatz, Berlin


Escaping the Digital Unease!, Kunsthaus Langenthal, CH

Bunker 2, Toronto, CA

Suspended Animation, Les Abattoires, Toulouse, Fr

Hybrid Layers, ZKM, Karlsruhe, GR

Foreigners, Bury Museum, Uk

Queer Healing Films, Raumerweiterungshalle, Berlin, GR

NON Xchange, ICA, London, Uk

Americans 2017, 89+, LUMA Westbau, Zurich, Ch

House of Electronic Arts Basel @Liste, Basel, Ch

UNREAL, NRW-Forum Düsseldorf, Germany

Karachi Biennial, Pakistan

Analogue Currency, The Mistake Room, LA, US

Next Wave, Gertrude Contemporary, Melbourne, Aus

Low Res: Spatial Politics in the Cloud, NARS Foundation, NY, US

Selling the Shadow, C-gallery, Milan, It


Flawless ,99 Sudbury, Toronto, Ca

I Heard You Laughing, Gregor Staiger Gallery, Zurich, Ch

SCREENING, 67 Ludlow, NY, US & Amonymous Gallery, Mexico


Fugitive Desires, 198 Contemporary Arts & Learning, London, Uk

Nautilus Part 1, Marselleria, Milan, It

Citizen X, Nature & Robots, Oregaard Museum, DK

Gender hacking, 3rd ckster, Bern, Ch

Africana Womanism [Show 1], Murate Center, Florence, It

Africana Womanism [Show 2], Museo di Roma in Trastevere, Rome, It

Africana Womanism [Show 3], FM Centro per l’Arte Contemporanea, Milan

REALIDADES ALTERADAS (alternative realities), Centro de Arte 2 de Mayo, Madrid, Spain

Melbourne Queer Film Festival, Australian Centre for the Moving Image, Melbourne, Aus





Berlin Biennale, Berlin, Ger

Sorry For Real, MoCADA, NY, Us

Citizen X, Oregaard Museum, DK

89plus, ‘Filter Bubble’, QIDIAN, Shangai, China

Your Digital Self Hates You, Stadtgalerie Gallery, Bern, Sw

3d Additivism, online

MAMI, Knockdown Center, NY

Black to the future, Petit Bain, Paris

Queer Circuits in Archval Times, NY

Afrofuturism, The New School, NY

CairoTronica, Palace of Arts, Cairo, Egypt

Merkaba, Broad Museum, LA, Us

Flux Factory, NY, Us

Ankh, Wedja, Seneb, Mocada, NY, US

A Mystical Staircase, Villa Crose Museum, Genova, It

Seminal Bricolage, Like a Little Disaster, Italy

Making Africa, Centre of Contemporary Culture in Barcelona, Es

Net Art Aesthetics, Chat Room, Washington, Us

Fabriquer une esthétique politique ou comment repenser l'acte de résistance, Tank Art Space, Fr

Dance with Flarmingos, Queens International Museum, NY

The Future Is Here, It’s Just Not Evenly Distributed, Import Projects, Berlin

Radical Creatives in Urbanism, SAVVY Contemporary, Berlin

Powershift, Newhives & Parliament, San Francisco, Us

Dear Betty: Run Fast, Bite Hard, GAMec, It

Cape Town Art Fair, Goodman Gallery, SA

TIME is Love.9 Screening, curated by Kisito Assangni

Bronde, Utter, Milan, It





Another Experiment By Women, Anthology Film Archive, NY

89plus, ‘Filter Bubble’, LUMA, Westbau, Zurich, Sz

Co-Workers: Network as Artist, Museum of Modern Art Paris, Fr (NTU Solo)

Joburg Art Fair, Goodman Gallery, SA

Internet Yami Ichi, New York, USA

Young, Black and Gifted, Goodman Gallery, Johannesburg


Post Internet Is Dead! Fisher Gallery, Exhibition Initiative, Oberlin, USA

Beyond the surface, Kamera, Laborneunzehn, Berlin

The Film Will Always Be You, Tate Modern, London, UK

Basha Uhuru "Expressions Of Freedom", Constitution Hill, Johannesburg

AXWFF – Another Experiment by Women Film Festival, New York

Post African Futures, Goodman Gallery, Johannesburg, SA

CeC 2015 – Carnival of e-creativity, Shillong, India

Brown Core Fly Stream, Njelele Art Station, Harare, Zimbabwe

FAUX SHO, (It’s All) Tropical & Assembly House Leeds, UK

Past Imperfect/ Future Present, Fada Gallery, Johannesburg

(‿ˠ‿) RESISTANCE IS IN THE CRACKS (‿ˠ‿), Goldsmith, London

Post Digital 2014, Kalashnikovv Gallery, Johannesburg

Cairo Video festival, Dubai Community Theatre & Arts Center, Dubai





Cairo Video Festival 6th edition, Cairo

#LIKEIT #LICKIT, Social Media Week Johannesburg, Johannesburg

Ted Ex Johannesburg, We The People, Johannesburg

Brave New World Video Screening, Institut für Alles Mögliche/ArtvideKOELN, Berlin

Proyector International Videoart Festival, Madrid

Avaf Athens International Videoart Festival, Athens

Cologne International Videoart Festival, Cologne

Joburg Fringe 2014, Joburg Art Week, Johannesburg


Fresh Produce, Turbine Art Fair, Taff14, Johannesburg

Loud Mouth Series, Chi Diaries @La fete de la Musique, Johannesburg

Dystopia, 4bid gallery, Amsterdam

Returning to Sender, HKW Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin

Chi Diaries, Bushfire Festival, Swaziland

VIDEONOMAD II, Dakar Biennale Off, Raw Material Compagny, Dakar

Full screen Vimeo, Burma@Access, London


2013 Bring your own, UAL, London

2012 Plus Art Project Frieze Week Exhibition, Mayor’s Parlour, London

2011 Central Saint Martins College Exhibition, London





2017 Lubricate Coil Engine [Show 2], This is Afrofuturism, Onassis Cultural Center, Athens, Gr

2017 Lubricate Coil Engine [Show 1], Friday Late, V&A, London, Uk

2017 MerKaBa for the Hoeteps, [Show 11], Home School, UNA Gallery, Portland, Us

2017 MerKaBa for the Hoeteps, [Show 10], European Conference on African Studies, Basel, Ch

2017 MerKaBa for the Hoeteps, [Show 9], Multilogues on Health, Tranzit/Display, Prague, Cz

2017 MerKaBa for the Hoeteps, [Show 8], Institute of Success, Denmark National Gallery, Dk

2017 MerKaBa for the Hoeteps, [Show 7], Art is Labor, KNOCKDOWN CENTER, New York, USA

2017 MerKaBa for the Hoeteps, [Show 6], Ramapo College, US

2017 MerKaBa for the Hoeteps, [Show 5], Exotic Trade, Goodman Gallery, Johannesburg, SA

2016 MerKaBa for the Hoeteps, [Show 4], Njelele Art Station, Harare, Zim

2016 MerKaBa for the Hoeteps, [Show 3], Decolonial Summer School, SA

2016 MerKaBa for the Hoeteps, [Show 2], Kunsthalle 3000, SA

2016 MerKaBa for the Hoeteps, [Show 1], Berlin Biennale 09, Ger

2016 I’m Feeling myself: From sexual energy to spiritual tech, Royal Academy The Hague, NL

2016 I Feel Blessed (Way up), Artist as Network, Museum of Modern Art Paris, Fr (NTU)






2017 Tabita Rezaire: Artist talk, Parsons, Paris, Fr

2017 Brighton Digital festival 2017, Uk

2017 ‘The Technological Body’, Haunted Machines & Wicked Problems, Impakt, Utrecht, Nl

2017 Multilogues on Health, Tranzit/Display, Prague, Cz

2017 ‘Decolonial Trinity: In Defense of Spiritual Technologies’, Ramapo College, US

2016 Tabita Rezaire: Artist Talk HKU, University of the Arts Utrecht, NL

2016 Tabita Rezaire: Artist Talk, Willem de Kooning Academy, Rotterdam, NL

2016 Harare Conversation: VideoNomad, National Gallery, Harare, Zimbabwe

2016 ‘Decolonial Trinity: In Defense of Spiritual Technologies’, Royal Academy The Hague, NL

2016 Decolonising Design, Het Nieuwe Institut, Netherlands

2016 CairoTronica Conference, Cairo, Eg

Paper: ‘Decolonial Trinity: Technology, Health and Spirituality’

2016 Net Art Aesthetics, Chat Rooms, Washington, US

2016 Tabita Rezaire: Artist Talk, Mocada, US

2015 Digital Futures, Auction House, London, Uk

2015 Creatives Hustles, Women and Technology, Innovation SA

2015 Anya Fulu Ugo African Arts Conference, University of Nigeria, Nigeria

Paper: ‘Afro Cyber Resistance’

2015 Swaartnet, Post African Futures, Goodman Gallery, Johannesburg

2015 VIADUCT 2015: Archival Addresses, Johannesburg

Paper: ‘Perfect Gentlemen: Fake it until you make it’

2015 Poverty Pornography, Market Photo Workshop, Johannesburg

2014 Fak’ugesi Digital Africa Conference, Johannesburg

Paper: ‘Afro Cyber Resistance’

2013 FILM AND MEDIA Conference, London

Paper: ‘Film, Kinetic Theatre and Spectatorship: Carolee Schneemann’

2013 Console-ing Passions: Television, Audio, Video, New Media and Feminism

Paper: ‘The Monstrous Woman in Video Performance’

2013 MRes Central Saint Martins Conference, London

Paper: ‘From Cruelty to Ecstasy, the Scream of Resistance in Film Performance’






2017 MeetFactory, Prague, Czech Republic

2017 Schomburg Honorary Visiting Scholar, Ramapo College, Us

2016 EMARE, Impakt, Utrecht, Netherlands

2016 Hospitalfield, Arbroath, Scotland

2016 International Visitors Programme, Het Nieuwe Institut, Netherlands

2016 Sommerakademie im Zentrum Paul Klee, Switzerland

2014 Floating Reverie, Online/SA

2014 Cascade OneDotZero Workshop, AMAZE, SA

2013 ICA FORUM, Institute of Contemporary Art, London, Uk

2009 Club Photo Dauphine, Tanger, Marocco






2017, Graz, Austria

2017 Statens Kunstfond, Denmark

2017 Schomburg Honorary Visiting Scholar, Ramapo College, Us

2016 EMARE, European Media Artist in Residence Exchange

2016 International Visitors Programme, Het Nieuwe Institut, Netherlands

2016 MAD Edward and Sally Van Lier Arts Fellowship (nomination)

2016 Sommerakademie im Zentrum Paul Klee, Bern, Ch

2013 APJ, Le Carré Vincennes, FR

2013 Go&Do, University of the Arts London, UK