Government guidelines


It has been suggested that taking additional precautions to cope with remaining uncertainties may be a useful policy to adopt while science improves knowledge on health consequences. They suggest reducing exposure and implementing precautionary measures.

Distance from source

Electric fields are strongest close to a charge or charged conductor, and their strength rapidly diminishes with distance from it. Like electric fields, magnetic fields are strongest close to their origin and rapidly decrease at greater distances from the source.


A "shield" blocks radiation by interacting with it. When it interacts with the shielding material, it gives up some of its energy and slows down. So you want to use a high density shield to force the radiation to interact with as many atoms as possible for a given length.

Conductors such as metal shield them very effectively. Other materials, such as building materials and trees, provide some shielding capability. Therefore, the electric fields from power lines outside the house are reduced by walls, buildings, and trees. When power lines are buried in the ground, the electric fields at the surface are hardly detectable.

Magnetic fields are not blocked by common materials such as the walls of buildings.

For more radical protection, one can use a fraraday cage. A Faraday cage or Faraday shield is an enclosure used to block electrostatic and electromagnetic fields. A Faraday shield may be formed by a continuous covering of conductive material or in the case of a Faraday cage, by a mesh of such materials.

Liquid water is also a great shielding material especially for low frequency radiation. For high frequency radiation such as gamma rays, lead is an option.


Walking on the Earth with bare foot and "grounding" reduce the stress of 'Positive Ion' friction in the air, taking away the effects of EMF, Radiation and Radio Waves. 

We have massively increased our exposure to EMF, radiation and radio waves, and at the same time have almost totally insulated ourselves from the Earth's healing negative charge that our bodies require.

Spend as much time as possible walking on Earth with your bare feet.  The more you spend with your feet on Earth, the more you will recharge yourself and increase your energy levels.

It is interesting to note that many reported symptoms from EMR exposure are similar to those of being ungrounded.


Some crystals and gemstones have the ability to absorb or repel EM radiation.

Among there are lodestone/magnetite, hematite,and pyrite.

These stones are ferromagnetic, which means they contain iron. Iron is a powerful radiation absorber. Just be careful with these around your computer, because they can be highly magnetic. And if you don't already know… magnets can equal laptop death.

The following stones can safely be placed near your wifi router, computer, on your desk or to wear on you or in the pocket.


Amazonite has a vibration that can filter incoming energies, clearing away negativity or psychic attacks. Soothing Amazonite blocks electromagnetic smog and also geopathic stress. Keep Amazonite next to your monitor while you are working to cut down on the negative effects. Not surprisingly it’s a ‘feel better stone’ that is good for creativity and good for the heart and nervous system, helping stress and a troubled mind.


Detoxifying Hematite is a helpful stone for cutting down on electromagnetic pollution. Highly protective, Hematite guards us against negative energies of all types. Can be placed near a computer, or worn on our person. Hematite is highly grounding, and can pull in high vibrations from other realms down into the Root Chakra, enhancing one’s will and drive. Hematite also brings strength, courage and personal magnetism.


Unakite can help to remove electromagnetic pollution via its powerful grounding energies. Unakite carries a unique vibration that is said to reverse the effects of electromagnetic pollution. Good for overcoming self-imposed blocks.


Sodalite is renowned for its ability to cut through the haze of mental confusion so you can tune into a state of balance and peace in the present. This stone also has protective and grounding qualities.

Black tourmaline

Black Tourmaline cleanses and repels negative energies, and is especially strong on electromagnetic smog. Black Tourmaline is very grounding as most stones used for this purpose tend to be. Also good for inspiration, connection, awareness and creativity.


shungite cleanses, neutralizes repels and eliminates negativity, and energies that are hazardous to living beings.

Disclaimer: PLEASE DO NOT USE QUARTZ or any other silicate crystals near your electronics source because Quartz easily resonates with electronics and microwave radiation, silicates are what are used in technology and our devices.

Also be sure to energetically cleanse your crystals often, so they can stay charged up and keep effectively working for you.


Any unrefined salt (Himalayan, Celtic, or sea salt) provides grounding protection. Use salts in your bath so that the trace minerals can permeate your skin. This creates a biochemically calming and therefore immune boosting effect. You can also place salt around your home (particularly windows and doors) to reduce negative energy in your home.

Magnesium Crystal Bath

This bath is great for de-toxing excess EMF build up

•1 lb. Himalayan sea salt (can sub regular sea salt)

•1 lb. baking soda

•1-2 tablespoons of ionic Magnesium Concentrated trace minerals(stress from EMF & radiation pollution drains magnesium & increases adrenaline)

•tub of very hot water (hot as you can stand)

•1 tumbled stone each of serpentine & rhodonite (magnesium containing minerals safe for plopping into your bath)

DISCLAIMER: (Children, pregnant women & anyone with chronic illness should avoid this bath or consult with their doctor first re: high water temp.)


A balanced body can heal itself … but it needs your help. It’s important to pay close attention to the foods and dietary supplements you consume. Here’s why. Diet and your body’s susceptibility to radiation are closely entwined. Radiation and pollutants destroy vitamins A, C, E, K, several N vitamins, essential fatty acids, calcium and neuro-hormones. If your body lacks calcium, potassium and other nutrients, it will more readily absorb the radioactive elements that are similar in structure to these nutrients.

Recommended foods to help protect your health and Counter the Effects of Radiation:

Chlorophyll-containing foods: barley grass and chlorella, Barley (wheat) grass, Miso, Fermented and cultures foods, Cruciferous vegetables, High-fiber foods, Sea vegetables and their products, Essential fatty acids, GLA and EPA among others.

Aura strengthening

The body has sophisticated mechanisms to adjust to the many and varied influences we encounter in our environment. Ongoing change forms a normal part of our lives. As such adequate practices can augment the performances of our body to cleanse, detox and regenerate itself.

Recommended practices are those that work both on physical and energetic levels such yoga, tai chi, chi qong for example. These practices and many others strengthen the body’s electromagnetic filed or aura, which decrease the effects of exterior radiations.

The Aura is the layer of energy which interconnects all other subtle bodies and also acts like a shield covering and protecting our more refined subtle bodies like the mental, emotional, and spiritual and astral bodies.  Like for our physical bodies we do regular exercises to keep it healthy and working, we should also practice some form of energy exercise which regulates the proper flow of pranic energies in our subtle bodies.

EMF protection device

This new market has recently emerged and many products are now selling which potentially reduce EMF radiation pollution. Among such products are pillows, blankets, hats, plug neutralizer, laptop shield… Research thoroughly the elements composing these products before buying them.

Household protection tips

- Turn off your Wifi when you’re not using it. At least turn it off at night. Best to use Ethernet cables.

- Dont carry phone on body (ex: in bras, pockets..)

- Make calls on speakerphone or with an earpiece if you can. Avoid Bluetooth earpiece.

- Set Airplane mode on mobile as soften as possible, especially at night

- Don’t use laptops, tablets, eReaders or cell phones while they’re plugged in.

- Create a little distance between you and your electronics at home–especially where you spend a lot of time (like in bed). Better to use battery powered alarms and appliances in bedroom.

- Unplug your appliances when not in use.

- Avoid low-voltage halogen and fluorescent lighting (including the currently popular energy-efficient compact fluorescent lighting).

- Avoid the use of microwave ovens, hair dryers, electric toothbrushes, electric blankets, heating pads, baby monitors, and other electric products when possible.